Amigo’s Last Adventure

Amigo's Last Adventure

I received this commission from my Etsy shop ( A sweet lady asked me to paint this for her husband as a Christmas gift! The customer sent me the reference photo explaining it was a photo her husband had taken on a hunting trip in Alberta, Canada. The dog (Amigo) was not his, but was the hunting dog for the trip. The photo was taken 2 months before Amigo passed away…it’s such a sad story yet so sweet at the same time!

I absolutely love how this painting turned out…the customer & her husband loved it too! She wrote me on Christmas Day to say: “I just wanted to say thank you again for the painting. It turned out so good and just like the original. I gave it to my husband this morning and he was totally shocked that I had gotten it. He loves it and can’t wait to get it home and framed.”

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