The Old Homeplace; 16×20 oil on canvas

  Of all the paintings I completed as Christmas gifts last year, this one is my favorite. My husband, Rob, asked me to paint it as a gift for his grandmother, Louise. The subject for the painting is her old … Continue reading

House Painting 101

In August, I received a commission from a co-worker to paint a portrait of her house to give to her husband for Christmas. The husband designed the house and had made comments before about wanting a painting of their home. I … Continue reading

The Cabin


I truly appreciate when a painting has a good story to go along with it. It adds so much depth and meaning to what I do as an artist. This piece was painted as a commission for a repeat client. She requested that I paint it twice (Yep, two times! I never back down from a good challenge) — one for her, and one for her grandfather as a birthday gift. The cabin in this painting was built by him, so it’s a very special place to her and her family. She and her husband also spent their honeymoon and first wedding anniversary here. So sweet! About a month after the client’s grandfather received his painting, I received this e-mail:

“I just wanted you to know that my grandfather passed away this past weekend. He told my grandmother how incredibly happy he was that he got to see his cabin one more time. I cannot express my family’s gratitude to you and your work.”

That e-mail gave me chills, and still does. Just to know I was a part of something like that is so incredibly touching and nearly brings tears to my eyes. I strive to bring this type of meaning to every painting I create, especially commission pieces, and reread that e-mail often to reaffirm my dedication.