Lincoln and Reagan: Political Pups; 11×14 oil on gesso panel

I finished this commission piece last week just in time for my friend, Jenny, to give it as a birthday/Valentine’s Day gift to her boyfriend, Dustin. I had a great time painting this piece because I know and love the dogs, Lincoln and Reagan. Yes, they are named after the presidents…my friend Jenny works with me at the Tennessee General Assembly…once politics gets in your blood, it kinda takes over. I had a fantastic reference photo to work from: indirect natural lighting, beautiful colors, and the dogs are posed oh so sweetly. Lincoln and Reagan are adored by Jenny and Dustin, so I have no doubt that this will be treasured for years to come. Let’s just say that Jenny’s eyes welled up when she saw the finished painting.

Here’s a little peek into the step-by-step process:

Now a few close ups of the detail:

3 thoughts on “Lincoln and Reagan: Political Pups; 11×14 oil on gesso panel

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