Mattie; 12×16 oil on canvas

Happy New Year!! I can’t believe it’s 2016! Anyone have any good resolutions? One of mine is to complete 52 paintings – one per week. I’m writing it down here so you all can help keep me accountable! If you’ll recall from yesterday’s post, I finished about 45 paintings in 2015, so 52 isn’t a huge stretch. Wish me luck!

Today’s post is another of the commission pieces I finished to be given as Christmas gifts. I painted 7 total so stay tuned for several more posts as I continue to showcase these paintings.

My friend Jenny requested that I paint a portrait of her mom’s dog, Mattie, to be given as a Christmas gift. Earlier this year, I painted a portrait of Jenny’s dogs, Lincoln and Reagan. Jenny and her family are what I endearingly refer to as ‘dog people,’ meaning that their dogs are literally members of their family. Mattie is the family dog and Jenny often refers to her as her sister.

Needless to say, this painting was a huge hit with Jenny’s mom – and Mattie too!

Mattie; 12x16 oil on canvas

Mattie; 12×16 oil on canvas


Mattie with her portrait!

Mattie with her portrait!

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