Tennessee State Capitol at dusk, 16×20 oil on canvas


Tennessee State Capitol at dusk; 16×20 oil on canvas; original oil painting

I delivered this commissioned painting to one very happy client today! I have been working on this for the past several months and really pushed to finish it last week so that I can focus completely on the 5 Christmas commissions I need to complete within the next month.

I loved painting this piece as the Tennessee State Capitol is one of my favorite buildings. I am lucky enough to work right by it (and in it on some occasions!). In fact, I gave a Capitol tour today to some family members who are visiting from out of town. As I painted this piece, intricate details and all, I gained an even greater respect for the architect who designed it and for those who built it by hand nearly 175 years ago.

This painting was commissioned by someone who works in a state office building  near the Capitol and it will hang in his office once it is framed. I can’t wait to see the frame he chooses!

This painting was a real challenge for me because I know what color the building is in the daylight, but since this is a painting of the Capitol at dusk, the colors of the building are determined almost entirely by the lights shining upon it. It definitely took some careful consideration. Because the main colors in this piece are yellow, I chose to mix my shadows in the purple family — because yellow and purple are complimentary colors. Just a little color theory lesson for you 🙂

Here are some detailed shots of the painting:


If you are interested in your very own commissioned painting, please read my custom artwork page.

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