Bell pepper paintings; 8×8 oil on canvas

I painted this pair of bell pepper paintings as a commission for a repeat customer who I first worked with last year when she asked me to paint a portrait of her house as a Christmas gift for her husband. These paintings are going to hang in her kitchen and go along with the colors in her curtains. It’s exciting to think that I will now have three paintings hanging in this customer’s home!

I painted these in oil on 8×8 Raymar Art canvas panels. I used an expanded 3-color palette to ensure color harmony between the two paintings. The colors I used were those that I became familiar with in the Nancy Seamons-Crookston workshop: titanium white, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow medium, grumbacher red, permanent alizarin crimson, cerulean blue hue, french ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. I had to cheat a little and use some viridian green to make the vibrant green on the stems.

I featured the beginnings of the single bell pepper painting in this post where I gave a step-by-step tutorial on my method of drawing freehand on a gridded canvas.

I can’t wait to see these framed!

Bell pepper trio; 8x8 oil on canvas

Bell pepper trio; 8×8 oil on canvas


Red bell pepper; 8x8 oil on canvas

Red bell pepper; 8×8 oil on canvas


If you are interested in commissioning your very own piece of custom artwork, please visit my Custom Artwork page for all the details!

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